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 Your IEA Local Area Representative will discuss the cost of membership with you. Any U.S. Citizen residing in the U.S and over the age of 21 can generally become an IEA member. You may never need the assistance of IEA.  However, considering the Peace of Mind you receive for a lifetime, the cost is minimal.  Please discuss this with them, or contact us to see who the Authorized IEA  Representative is in your area.  IEA memberships are only enrolled through your authorized local agents at this time. 

NOTE:  All costs up to the maximum limit in necessary preparation for transport (including documents, required minimum preparation for transport and transportation) are facilitated by IEA and payment is guaranteed to IEA's selected qualified providers at the place of death as long as IEA is contacted first and such arrangements are contracted by IEA.  Either upon return or at the place of demise, any funeral, cemetery, visitation, memorial or arrangements other than those minimum required transport related arrangements and costs are separate and may be arranged by family members at the local or receiving funeral home or cemetery in accordance with their published service fees and paid for by those requesting such additional arrangements.

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