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There are very few companies who specialize in only facilitating the complex transport and return of deceased persons, whether it be the mortal remains or the ashes following cremation.  There are even fewer “assistance companies” that are staffed 24-hours a day with the experience of IEA’s professional certified personnel. With the first phone call to our 24-hour call service, IEA will facilitate all necessary transport and return arrangements for a “death away from home”  anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night. According to your individual plan, there are generally no additional charges for this service because it is completely covered in your Membership fee up to ten thousand dollars. Other “assistance companies” may take care of medical, financial or airline travel related emergencies, however they generally do not have 24-hour certified experienced staff to facilitate all necessary transport arrangements of mortal remains. This can be complex, confusing and emotionally and financially costly. Other companies may simply refer you to the nearest mortuary for such arrangements, at which point you are on your own and not in control of the situation whatsoever. In this case, it is not unusual for costs to exceed thousands of dollars. A simple enrollment application and single lifetime IEA  membership guarantees facilitating and payment for all of the necessary transport arrangements on your behalf through our established network of qualified service and transport providers in the event of a member's demise while more than 75 miles away from their home. The peace of mind knowing that you will not be forced to deal with this can be worth more than any cost savings. IEA’s EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS FOLLOW THROUGH AND TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING, THIS IS THE KEY DIFFERENCE.

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