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OUR SPECIALIZED EXPERTS ARE READY TO HELP 24 HRS A DAY!  On your behalf, IEA facilitates and guarantees payment for all of the complex transport arrangements from  within and outside the U.S.  We have facilitated transport within the U.S and the return home from many other places around the globe including Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica, Austria, Puerto Rico, Greece, United Kingdom, Japan, Honduras, Bulgaria, British Virgin Islands, Africa, Scotland, Ireland, Philippines, Spain, Canada, Germany, France and more.   Regulations for transport and return of mortal remains vary widely from state to state within the U.S and country to country.  They can be very complex and costly for the inexperienced, especially if there are language geographic barriers.  We have affiliate language and document translators for over 200 different languages around the world.  An IEA membership comparison:  Consider an auto club membership for a moment.  When you have a problem with your car, your auto club simply assures you that everything will be taken care of at no additional worry or cost to you.  On your behalf, they facilitate and pay for the necessary arrangements to get you back on the road by contacting a qualified service provider nearest to you.  They do this without undue added stress or cost to you.  Similar to this, IEA  IS CALLED  FIRST FOR ASSISTANCE.  IEA VERIFIES AND EVALUATES MEMBERSHIP STATUS THROUGH ITS DATABASE.  ONCE CONFIRMED,  OUR OPERATIONS STAFF MANAGES ALL NECESSARY DOCUMENTATION FOR TRANSPORT AND RETURN ARRANGEMENTS AND GUARANTEES PAYMENT TO THE SERVICE  & TRANSPORT PROVIDERS WITHOUT DELAY, ALLEVIATING YOUR FAMILY FROM THESE COMPLEX AND POTENTIALLY COSTLY ARRANGEMENTS.  IEA contracts with qualified licensed service and transport providers located nearest to the point  of need and guarantees payment up to ten thousand dollars.  Our  experienced staff  facilitates and manages all of the necessary arrangements and costs in accordance with local rules and regulations for domestic or international return of the cremated or mortal remains to and within the United States according to your membership plan.  

For your lifetime membership application, contact your local IEA Representative.  They will do the following:

  • Complete the IEA membership enrollment application that best suits your needs. 
  • Forward your information to IEA for processing and database entry.  
  • A wallet sized Membership ID card will be mailed to carry with you at all times.
  • Your name and residence information will be securely entered into the IEA database.  
  • In case of an emergency anywhere in the world, making your first call to IEA (or your IEA Seller Representative must notify us first)  is all you have to do.  IEA's specialized staff takes care of the complex details and the cost according to your plan.
  • Assures peace of mind and security while you are away from home.

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